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We are dedicated to make the world more energy-efficient, while helping you increase your savings.

Save energy up to 15%,  perform power factor correction and clean the grid from harmonics with Gruppo Energia high-quality products!


At Gruppo Energia, we all come to work every day to help companies save resources – and money 🙂 by improving energy efficiency.

We are proud to carry on both a family and an Italian tradition of diligence, high specialisation and creativity.

Our customers know that even if we cannot perform miracles, we always do our best to provide them with high-quality, customised solutions, in only a few weeks and for a fair price.

Our company and production plant are based in the north of Italy, near Brescia and about 100 km from Milan.



We have been working in the electric industry and the capacitors field for generations, and in 2000 we were finally able to crown this family passion by founding Gruppo Energia.

At first we started with a manufacturing plant of capacitors for motors.

After a couple of days we had our very first customer, who bought a few boxes of capacitors for water pumps.

Although we are still a family company, by time we have had a major expansion of our production.

The desire to provide our customers with tailor-made products brought us to develop solutions for power factor correction and harmonic elimination that we installed in Russia, where temperatures normally reach -60° C, as well as in the Middle East, where temperatures may reach +60° C.

Our capacitors for power electronics are specifically designed for train inverters, wind turbines, solar and hydroelectric power.

All of our products are made in Italy and we have CE, VDE, UL, cULus, SASO, ISO, EAC certifications.

When we are not working, most probably we are sipping a glass of local wine from Franciacorta and enjoying some good Italian cheese :).

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