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Customer Success Stories

The best stories have our customers in them

“I am looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for preventing power quality problems.”

Mr. Abbas is an internal energy auditor of a new, important seaside resort complex in Eastern Africa.

As a result of the high quantity of electronic devices and special lighting equipment installed, there is a significant presence of non-linear loads.
Non-linear loads cause a high level of harmonics. Above all, they increase the risk of overloading the neutral conductor. In fact, the current and voltage distortion can severely damage the electronic equipment or shorten its life.

Mr. Abbas contacted Gruppo Energia asking for suggestions, in order to prevent the above mentioned problems.

After analysing his situation, we have found a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective: the installation of our Active Harmonic Filters. In fact, Gruppo Energia AHF not only eliminate harmonics, but also perform power factor correction. This way there is no need to install any additional equipment for power factor correction (with consequent savings for the customer).

“We need fully equipped capacitor banks that can work in very low temperatures and can be easily moved in the snow. “

The engineering team of our customer company in North America contacted us. They needed a few capacitor banks of different voltages and resistant to low temperatures.

Our customer has different plants and installations scattered over a wide area that is often hit by snowfalls during winter time.

For this reason, in order to perform compensation, they would have either needed:

1. a big number of capacitor banks (this option would have required a significative investment),

2. or a solution that would have enabled the team to move the capacitor banks easily from one place to another.

Considering the logistics challenges that could have been caused by the harsh weather conditions, Gruppo Energia offered to build capacitor banks that work at -50°C (-58°F), equipped with special sleighs to be used for an easy transportation of the capacitor banks in the snow.

Finally, our customer was enthusiastic and decided to purchase 15 mobile capacitor banks equipped with special sleighs.


“We have a very low cosθ and all the capacitors installed in our plant fail after a couple of days.”

Eng. Issa is working in a desalination plant in the Middle East. Since his team needed to continuously substitute the existing capacitors, he decided to contact us.

In order to find the correct solution, he has sent us the network analysis that they had performed on different machineries. Thanks to the analysis, we realized that the desalination plant was affected by harmonics with different orders that were changing continuously.
The most obvious solution would have been to install a capacitor bank containing harmonic filters. However, this option seemed to be inefficient.

Finally, after an in-depth analysis, we suggested installing two different devices: Gruppo Energia Active Harmonic Filters and SVG Balance.
Our Active Harmonic Filters can eliminate all the harmonics up to the 50th order, while the SVG can perform ultra-fast power factor correction and balance the loads on each phase.
The customer was satisfied with our proposal.

“We are a small company and need customised solutions and technical support.”

Mr. Dang is the owner of a small company that manufactures capacitor panels and switchgears in Southeast Asia.

He was looking for a business partner that could provide his company with:
reliable and high-quality components for a fair price;
short delivery time;
– technical support;
– a wide range of products.

Thanks to its partnership with Gruppo Energia, Mr. Dang’s company increased the production and sales by almost 30% during the first year of collaboration.

Furthermore, our customer asked us to design a functional tray that could be easily installed in a switchgear.

Gruppo Energia designed in a short amount of time a completely customised functional rack containing harmonic detuned reactors, capacitors suitable for the application with reactors, one contactor and one NH fuse switch disconnector mounted on a  busbar. This way, the tray was easy to install and connect to the switchgear.

“I need to manufacture special Train inverters and I am looking for high-quality components that can observe restrictive dimensional limits.”

The head engineer of a European company that manufactures inverters for trains needed special capacitors and sine filters.

He had to manufacture special inverters in a short amount of time and observing restrictive dimensional limits.

For this reason, the capacitors and sine filters he needed should have followed specific dimensions and technical features.

Gruppo Energia designed a customised capacitor and sine filter according to his specifications and in only two weeks. After a month of hard work, we were able to send the customer the first prototypes.

The customer tested the final products in the laboratory and then directly on the trains. Consequently he started a long-term collaboration with Gruppo Energia.

Are you looking for a customized solution?

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