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Power Measurement Instruments

In modern industrial production plants there is an increasing number of electronic devices and automatic systems which are sensitive to power problems. These problems can consist of voltage variations, dips in power supply caused by unpredictable connection of energy sources, harmonics, etc.
All these issues may cause plant shutdowns and production loss.
In order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to continuously measure and analyse the quality of the network.
Gruppo Energia offers several top-quality load measurement devices that can be portable (to be used directly on the site) or mounted in electrical panels.

Multifunctional Network Meter (power analyser)


  • Single and three-phase energy meter (kWh, kvarh, L, C, +, -);
  • Memory: 512 MB to record all the events;
  • Power monitor and data logger;
  • Full 4-quadrant active and reactive energy sub-metering;
  • Evaluation of total harmonic distortion (THD) level until the 50th harmonic;

  • Large color LCD display;
  • Supports both low and high voltage applications;
  • 1 x relay output, 1 x digital output and 1 x digital input;
  • USB port;
  • Ethernet or/and RS485 available upon request;
  • User friendly.

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