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Soldering and induction heating capacitors

Inductive heating and melting plants can improve power factor thanks to Gruppo Energia medium and high frequency water/air-cooled capacitors.

These capacitors are tailor-made and manufactured exclusively upon request. We replace capacitors in induction furnaces and carefully make sure that they observe the dimensions of the failed units.

Send us a sketch of the failed capacitors you need to have replaced


  • DIN EN 60110-1 VDE 0560-9:1999-09

Origin: 100% made in Italy


Technical Features


capacitors for induction and soldering equipment


Medium and high frequency capacitors designed to be used in inductive heating and melting plants for power factor improvement.

For more information, please consult the table below: 


Voltage range up to 4000 Vac
Frequency from 50 Hz to 20000 Hz
Power output up to 8400 kVar
Rated current ≤ 4000 A
Electrode aluminium foil
Filling material non-PCB, non-toxic insulating oil
Phase single-phase
Terminals upon request
Temperature category up to 50°C
Case aluminium or brass


Other configurations are available upon request. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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